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What is 3D printing of custom-made insoles and how can it benefit my practice?

3D printing of custom-made insoles is a process in which insoles are manufactured using 3D printer technology. It enables podiatrists and orthopedic shoe technologists to produce fully customized insoles with high accuracy and consistency. This can lead to better fit, comfort and outcomes for clients, as well as efficiencies in production.

Which types of 3D printers are most suitable for printing custom-made insoles?

FDM 3D printers are the most suitable choice for 3D printing custom-made insoles. FDM stands for Fused Deposition Modeling and is a rapid prototyping technique in which layer after layer of material is melted together. These printers offer an optimal balance between costs, ease of use and print quality for custom-made insoles.

Do I need to use special software to design custom-made soles?

Yes, you need special CAD software to design custom-made insoles. For this we offer our FP3D CAD design software as an integrated solution between hardware, software and raw materials.

Do I need to calibrate my 3D printer regularly?

Yes, periodic calibration of your 3D printer is essential to produce consistent and well-fitting custom-made insoles. This is especially applicable if the 3D printer has moved in location. Follow the work instructions carefully to ensure that quality is maintained.

Are there any legal considerations I need to take into account when 3D printing custom-made insoles?

In European countries the MDR law applies to the supply of medical devices. 3D printing of custom-made insoles offers many advantages to comply with this legislation as a manufacturer of custom-made medical devices. Our workflow is designed to relieve you of this as much as possible. All our raw materials are demonstrably suitable for the intended purpose, namely the safe production of custom-made insoles. The FP3D CAD design software also contains a function to automatically generate an MDR consent statement. In addition, the technical possibilities of 3D printing make it possible to print the MDR traceability number in the insoles. This means that sticking (loosening) stickers belongs to the past.

What should I do in the event of a malfunction?

We recommend that you always contact us in the event of malfunctions. You can email us or use the contact form on our website. For various malfunctions we can provide you with the correct work instructions to solve them. There is also the option for a replacement printer if the fault cannot be repaired within the foreseeable future.